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Postes d’emploi: Overseas business manager
Nombres d’employés à recruter: 2
Qualifications de recrutement: Educational background:Bachelor degree or above Major:Economic management and relevant majors Gender:Male or female Age:25-35 years old Requirements: 1. Over 5 years of experience in overseas sales of electrical or electromechanical products, capable of independently developing overseas markets; 2. Excellent communication and presentation, capable of working under pressure, with keen nose for the market; 3.3. Adaptable to long-term business trip abroad, transnational work-life background is preferred; 4. Residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan are preferred.
Contacter: Miss Jia
Téléphone: 0755--33862888-8046/33667858
E-mail Adresse: hrdsmotor@ 金凤凰彩票altourola.com版权所有
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